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Hello Dearest Music Fans,

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen or heard anything from me, musically. Like since 2014!

I am inspired to do something significant while we have such glaring examples of unkindness all around us. To make a powerful music video using my song “One Kind Word” is the logical step. We are launching a funding campaign to raise $25,000 by the end of July, early August. We will shoot the video in Los Angeles. We need street volunteers to help with administration, marketing and promo, also hauling camera equipment on our 3 day shoot.

Homeless young woman with her dog on the streets of Oakland; Ishi, Wesley, Larry and sweet doggies; Love on Haight, Christian Calinsky, founder of TITTS.

The “One Kind Word Project” has partnered with San Francisco’s “Taking it to the Streets” non-profit organization. They are saving homeless kids, giving them shelter, food, clothing, jobs and most importantly respect and a purpose.  I met with founder, Christian Calinsky and some of the youth. A short documentary will be made from that day. A percentage of everything that comes in will go to Taking it to the Streets.

Music has always been my passion – it transcends differences, mends broken hearts, heals communities. Please help us make this film. It is based on a true story that you will hear about in the short promo video. Please donate today. Love conquers all.


Peace Out~

Lisa Nemzo

2018 Music Newsletter Lisa Nemzo


What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time I was hobbling around on a walker not realizing my rehab would take the entire year of 2017 to get back to any kind of normalcy and mobility.

I am happy to report I’m up on my feet, getting back in much better physical condition, writing songs again and embarking on an important near and dear to my heart music video project. “One Kind Word” is a song that’s so current that we’ve decided it must have a political as well as a high profile musical path.

Jud Kramer ( a gifted graphic designer/photographer is part of our DreamWild team. We already have a fabulous logo.
Gail Conrad ( ) is our director, and Rachel Dunn ( is our cinematographer.
We are looking to put together the next phase of the team: (line producer, hair and make up stylist, grant writer), for our project and will have a donation /fund raising campaign starting the end of March. We are looking for a grant writer and sponsorships from major companies who are interested in making the world a kinder place.

One Kind Word will be partnering with several non-profits youth projects who get kids off the streets into school, jobs, get them food, housing, clothing and make sure they’re safe, along with Veterans and their families orgs.

I hope you will join us, in any way you can. Contact us if you want to be part of this movement…
“One Kind Word” “what a difference it can make”.

Lisa Nemzo
Dream Wild Records

March News 2017

To my adoring Fans, who I love back…

I am recovering from a full hip replacement surgery. A long haul, but unavoidable. Updates have been posted on FB. 

I have several projects on the back burner cooking/ getting ready for the studio – they’re all at various stages of readiness!

Joyce Baker Big Band (Bad Ass Boots drummer who’s roots are in Buddy Rich/Big Band Jazz; we are looking for arrangers, killer rhythm section). This is going to be a blast! Oakland area.

Pat Duffey Project (lead gt/pedal steel in Bad Ass Boots, finally doing his brilliant acoustic record of original songs, reminiscent style of Michael Hedges). East Bay area.

Bad Ass Boots second CD (led by Billie Burnor’s unique vocals/songwriting, the band is now writing  great songs together) East Bay area.

Maria Standford  (Maria is the lead singer for Shake Your Booty Band, Claire, and is doing a solo/w/band CD. Raw, emotional compelling. Looking for a great rhythm section. San Francisco/ Bay Area. 


The musical “I Am Alive” co written by Lisa Nemzo and Denise Gentilini- inspired by Denise’s grandparent’s story of survival, finding each other and falling in love during the Armenian Genocide is due for another round of rewrites. News updates are through Denise Gentilini on FaceBook.

LISA NEMZO Projects:

“One Kind Word” is recorded, soon to be mastered and is my next music video project. Assembling a team of videographers /editors to work together on it. Interested? Contact me!

I have a surfing film in the future, which I will produce and write music for – surfing, sunsets, gorgeous ocean views, and a compelling story.

Stay tuned through FaceBook or email. Always love to hear your feedback! I am certain some of these projects will need financial support, volunteers, donations…

That’s what Dream Wild Records/Productions is all about. A co-op record label that allows everyone to enjoy the fruits of its labor~

Michael Wesley Hughes CD release party 11/11/15 “Tryin’ to Come Back Home”


Lisa Nemzo produced a project for Vietnam Veteran, blues/rock guitarist, Michael Wesley Hughes   “Tryin’ to Come Back Home” – CD release date is 11/11/15.

Lisa Nemzo Update for 2015


I have made some significant changes since my last post of December 2013. I have relocated to the Bay Area for starters. I just joined the SF chapter for RAC. Meeting new peeps. Mastering with Michael Romanowski at his fabulous mastering lab.  The change of environment is profound. No music industry, I do miss my ocean waves and riding them, but it’s a fresh start which I have needed for a long time. The music scene in the Bay Area is diverse and very vibrant!  In the past two years, I have been primarily songwriting and producing.  Have put my own touring/ recording career on the back burner. However, I do occasional surprise guest appearances, which I always love!   I may pop up when you least expect it…

Let’s start from today and move back in time…excuse the third person, but it had to be written by my peers. Anyone who knows me, I do not like tooting my own horn.



Dream Wild Records (President, Lisa Nemzo) is on the precipice of becoming a co-op label in the Bay Area. With projects for late 2015 brewing, specific artists TBA, it’s an exciting prospect to be launching the label with a new vision- was a dream, now a reality! Sooo exciting… (Big Band, Indie singer songwriter, singles from Bad Ass Boots, and a provocative, guitarist reminiscent of the late Michael Hedges. 2016 will be a year of  CD releases for Dream Wild Records.

July- August 2015

Lisa was approached by Michael Wesley Hughes to produce a special project. Michael and Lisa have worked steadily for two years on his debut solo CD “Tryin’ To Come Back Home”. Classic rock- blues, (which includes Lisa Nemzo/Artie Colatrella song “Arlington”) which tells Michael’s story of his experiences in the VietNam War;  being wounded, left for dead and surviving unthinkable circumstances especially after returning to the states, dealing with PTSD, and the aftermath of exposure to Agent Orange. His story is every veteran’s story. 28 million Veterans are now in our population, with 22 suicides per day, Michael felt compelled to do something about it.  The CD is expected to be released late summer, early fall of 2015. Mastering is March 15th, 2015. Big plans surround this project.

Keep in touch through: Wild Records/Lisa Nemzo Music

Below: Michael rocking out in the studio.  Patriots fans Michael and Lisa   MWH, Dr. Nisha Money, Lisa Johnson, Earl Grey    Eric/ cadance call military bros

IMG_5308 IMG_5798 IMG_5887 IMG_6035


April 21st, 2015 

Last January Emmy Award winning composer, Denise Gentilini and Internationally acclaimed recording artist/songwriter Lisa Nemzo began co-writing a musical about the Armenian Genocide. Inspired by the true story of Denise’s grandparents, Kourken and Malvine Handjian, the musical weaves the atrocities of the genocide and their journey.  They survived the death marches, met in a refugee camp in Greece, married at 15 and 19 and stayed together for nearly 75 years. 26 songs, plus a storybook, written by Denise and Lisa have garnered the attention of Denver based award winning theatre director Christy Montour-Larson. The show is scheduled for a premier performance. As a program of The Armenians of Colorado, to commemorate the ONE HUNDRED YEAR anniversary of the genocide, this coming April 21, 2015 the work will be debuted at June Swaner Gates Concert Hall in the Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver.

For tickets – please go to: and look for I AM ALIVE

To see videos and learn more about this project:



July 2013,  Lisa Nemzo/songwriter  was nominated for an Emmy for Denise Gentilini’s Concert “We Are Voices” (songs co written by Lisa Nemzo & Denise Gentilini)

Oakland Based Bad Ass Boots band released their first EP “Gotta Give Me Something ” Produced by Lisa Nemzo.  Reviews:  * Gotta Give Me Something * A revelation. Passionate country soul that explodes from the first downbeat and never lets up…


2012 to Present

Arlington music video hit over a million and a quarter views. Nemzo is dedicated to be part of helping Veterans and their families who are suffering from PTSD. Dream Wild Records are aligned with two organizations who are committed to learning TM meditation.   Watch the video -post it on facebook, Twitter! Post comments on YouTube. They need to stay current



Marc Platt  (LA based songwriter) EP “Blue Collar Produced by Lisa Nemzo

Bitter & Sweet CD  Produced by Lisa Nemzo     Bitter & Sweet video:



NEWS… 2013

What a year! Heavy production year for me- loved every minute…

Bad Ass Boots “Gotta Give Me Something” released September 28th

Carey Appel’s “House of Cards” released April 20th

Marc Platt’s “Blue Collar ”

Presently working with songwriter, blues rock guitarist, Michael Hughes for his groundbreaking solo CD.

He’s going to blow the roof off with his songs. Depiction of his war experiences in VietNam, living with that experience for the past 30 years-

all those memories. Finally out in forms of songs for others to finally get to hear it from the inside out.

We’re getting ready for the studio. Aiming for a Memorial Day release. Lots of surprises in this production.


I’m working with Heart by Heart in Seattle, Steve Fossen, Bass, (rock and roll hall of fame); Michael Derosier, drums (rock and roll hall of fame);

lead vocalist extraordinaire, Somar Macek, and Lizzy Dalmont, known as a bass player in her own music, playing guitar for H by H. Bob Rivers on keyboards.

Mike Flicker (legendary producer for Heart) and I have teamed up together to get this project launched.

Lots of exciting things for 2014. Change is good.


Happy New Year, lots of love to all my fans across the planet… let’s take care of mother earth… think about your footprint. If it’s too heavy, lighten it up. Live green when possible.

Take care of yourselves….

Lisa xo



The Vision


Co-habiting sustainable living — resident cottages, organic farm, stand & store. On property – artist retreat, cottages for artists in residence: finish art, writings, music.

Main house with full kitchen, dining area, lodge room, laundry facilities. Separate building for healing/treating clients;  recording studio attached sound stage for live performances, a merchandise store. Provides a place to create, to live peacefully with others, eat organically, and take care of each other.

NEED PEOPLE TO JOIN IN DISCUSSION: administrators, architects, green energy engineers, residents, organic growers





Please join in the blog and let’s start talking!