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Hello Dearest Music Fans,

While we have such glaring examples of unkindness all around us, and an uprising of people who want to make a difference, I have a team of creative people gathered together to make a powerful music video using my song “One Kind Word”. We are launching a funding campaign to raise $-  We will need volunteers to help with administration, marketing and promo, and a crew to haul camera equipment on a 3 day shoot.

The “One Kind Word Project” has partnered with (fill in) non-profit organization. Who will benefit? Homeless kids, adults, giving them shelter, food, clothing, jobs and most importantly respect and a purpose.  A percentage of everything we receive will go to (fill in).

Music has always been my passion – it transcends our differences, mends broken hearts, heals communities as does acts of kindness. Please help us make this film. It is based on a true story that you will hear about in the short promo video. Please donate today. Love conquers all.


Peace Out~

Lisa Nemzo

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